Nomanini Scales West African Footprint with Transaction Solutions Partnership

South African-based portable Point of Sale (PoS) service provider Nomanini has announced it has signed an exclusive agreement with Transactions Solutions Ghana Limited to substantially scale numbers of its cloud-based PoS terminals in Ghana.

The partnership with TranSol signals Nomanini’s first scaled project commitment in West Africa, with the first batch of 100 pilot terminals having been deployed in January 2015, proving an instant hit with vendors. A second, larger shipment is due to arrive next month.

Nomanini already has partnerships in Kenya, Namibia, Zambia and Mozambique, with active terminals processing over five million transactions in those regions, including South Africa.

The TranSol deployment marks further involvement in West Africa for Nomanini, with chief commercial officer (CCO) Kuda Mushambi saying the company hopes to use it as a means of furthering its involvement in the region.

“Working with a listed company such as TranSol in Ghana is a great entry point for us into the West African region as a whole, and will allow us to more easily scale our product across not just Ghana and Nigeria, but also francophone Africa,” Mushambi said.

Mushambi also said this latest partnership, as well as those already signed in other countries, offered validation of the Nomanini platform in informal markets, and proved it was not just a product for the South African market.

“We are a proudly South African company, and have seen great uptake at home, but we really feel our terminals can assist informal retailers across the whole of Africa. That respected local firms like TranSol feel the same and want to deploy Nomanini terminals in countries like Ghana is really validating for us and spurs us on as we look to expand our coverage further.”

TranSol managing director Paul Jacquaye said the partnership with Nomanini would help his company cement its market leadership position by offering innovative ways for informal traders to receive payments.

“Our engagement with the mobile network operators indicates their strong desire to move to electronic recharge, a more economical and convenient way to sell PINs, and to gradually phase out scratch cards. Our new TranSol terminal is more suitable for deployment at informal locations including street vending,” he said.

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