Oilcom Goes M-Pesa

Vodacom Tanzania has entered into a partnership with Oilcom in a deal that will see vehicle owners and motorists fuel their vehicles and pay through M-Pesa.

This is the first partnership of its kind in the Tanzanian market, and motorists will now make use of the companies’ widespread networks reliably.

Speaking during the launch of the partnership, Vodacom Tanzania Manager External relations, Salum Mwalim, noted that the new partnership will go a long way in embracing technology in the energy sector as mobile money transaction becomes crucial in today’s world.

“This is a great day for all of us. In a society where carrying cash in the pocket is becoming increasingly unsafe, M-Pesa has stepped to as an alternative medium,” said Mwalim, adding that, “This is the first type of partnership we have signed up today and we look forward to have even more. Vodacom sincerely thanks Oilcom for this new development and we assure customers that M-Pesa will serve them in a safe and reliable manner.”

For his part, Oilcom Managing Director, Mohamed Said Nahdi, expressed hope that with the new partnership, motorists and vehicles owners will make well use of it. “It is easier to have cash on your phone than carry cash because of safety reasons. So I call upon everyone to make well use of this new development.”

“Oilcom operates more than 75 service stations across the country. Motorists are therefore assured of coming across one of our stations and fuel their vehicles regardless of where they are. M-Pesa will also facilitate this process, thanks to its wide network,” said Nahdi.

Vodacom’s M-Pesa services takes pride of over 55,000 agents spread across the country, which will always be on standby to serve customers. With this, the new partnership is set to be a big success, as more such partnerships are also expected.

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