OLX Mobile App Surpasses 14 Million Downloads

OLX, the online classifieds site in fast-growing markets around the world, has announced that its mobile app has been downloaded more than 14 million times. With 123 million unique monthly visitors in 107 countries worldwide, OLX has quickly become the dominant player in emerging markets such as India and Brazil, where the company enjoys a vast majority of market share and widespread brand recognition.

OLX’s localized, consumer-to-consumer online marketplace allows users to easily buy and sell goods and services such as electronics, furniture, household goods, cars and bikes. Mobile has been an enormous source of growth for OLX, particularly in Brazil and India where mobile usage has exploded and mobile devices have emerged as the primary means for Internet access. OLX invested early in mobile, building a highly rated app and appearing on all operating systems since its initial launch.

“At OLX, we saw the potential for mobile early on and invested heavily into those capabilities from the beginning,” said Alec Oxenford, co-founder and CEO of OLX. “Now as consumers around the world are increasingly turning to mobile phones to connect with the world, we are able to offer our buyers and sellers an exceptional user experience, including better mobile capabilities, search function, and navigation. In emerging markets, consumers – unlike their American counterparts – are bypassing PCs entirely in favor of mobile options, putting OLX in an excellent position. We expect mobile to continue to be a key driver of growth in 2014 and beyond.”

In a recent report, Morgan Stanley called OLX the “undisputed leader in India” and “market leader in Brazil,” adding that the company is “rapidly pulling away from the intense competition.” In India, where Google recently revealed that OLX was one of the most searched shopping websites in 2013, mobile traffic has grown from just five percent of OLX’s overall traffic in January 2012 to 52 percent today, and the OLX app has been downloaded more than seven million times there. In Brazil, OLX is ranked #1 in the Google Play store’s shopping category.

The OLX app is one of the top international downloads in both the iTunes and Google Play app stores, and has a higher rating than Facebook’s app, with more than four stars. OLX also has a strong presence on Facebook, with 4.5 million fans in Brazil – twice as many as its major competitor – and 4.4 million in India – four times as many as the next competitor.

In addition to its strong focus on mobile, OLX’s key differentiators include a more robust network of buyers and sellers, fast transaction times, no seller’s fees and no personal ads.

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