OmnyPay Announces International Expansion Of Its Fast, Rich Mobile Checkout Solution for Large Retailers

Europe in Copenhagen from April 4-7, 2016 at booth K-17.  Key executives from OmnyPay will be in attendance to help explain how the platform can leapfrog retail payments into the next generation.  On April 5th, 2016 Mohammad Khan, President and co-founder of OmnyPay, will take the stage to talk about “White label ‘Brand Pay’ solution with simplified digital checkout experience” in Track Room 5 at Bella Center. “We are thrilled to expand OmnyPay’s rich checkout solution internationally, where we’ve seen strong demand from large retailers to increase engagement of their repeat consumers with digital loyalty, rewards and promotion programs,” said Ashok Narasimhan, CEO of OmnyPay. “Using OmnyPay’s digital commerce platform with their existing brick and mortar assets, retailers are well positioned to provide substantial digital value and savings to their consumers, compete more effectively with pure online players, and drive their revenue growth.” Now more than ever, consumers are using mobile devices to augment their existence. UK consumers collectively check their smartphones more than one billion times a day. Yet, while 40% of adults in the UK have purchased a product using their phone,only 1% use their mobile phones to make payments on a regular basis, according to the Deloitte Mobile Consumer 2015 Report. OmnyPay allows brands to inspire more consumers to make purchases on their mobile devices by simplifying the checkout process while offering incentives.  As consumer purchasing patterns evolve, OmnyPay allows brands to leverage value added services, reinvent consumer experiences and nurture relationships with their customers in ways that have not been feasible with current methods, and which will positively impact retail top and bottom lines.]]>

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