Online Businesses Benefit From a Rapid Go-to-Market Offering By Worldpay and AOE

Worldpay, a global leader in payment processing, risk management and alternative payments, has announced it has been selected as a trusted partner by AOE, a  leading eCommerce platform system integration specialist.

Through the partnership with AOE, online businesses can access Worldpay’s full global payment gateway services, acquiring, risk management, treasury services and access to more than 200 alternative payment methods via the Magento platform. With Worldpay’s ability to process  payments in over 120 currencies, it offers online businesses the opportunity to easily enter and begin trading in new markets. By integrating Worldpay’s services, AOE clients can securely manage all of their local and international transactions through one portal.

Kevin Dallas, Chief Product & Marketing Officer, eCommerce at Worldpay says: “With the internationalisation of business, the growth opportunities offered by eCommerce means there is an increasing demand from online businesses to have instant access to the expertise and tools needed to accept international transactions. AOE’s global specialism in eCommerce platforms, coupled with Worldpay’s established international presence, means we are perfectly aligned to deliver the best-in-market products to help online enterprises reach international markets.”

Kian Gould, Founder and CEO of AOE says: “With Worldpay we are partnering with a global leader in online payments, capable of providing customised payment solutions to customers across the globe in numerous countries and currencies. As a Magento Gold Partner, we are delighted to be implementing an even easier and more secure payment platform than ever before, thus increasing
customer loyalty and providing an added incentive to switch to Worldpay as an exclusive payment provider.”

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