Over 80 million people in Middle East and Africa will turn to mobile banking by 2017

Experts predict that mobile banking in the Middle East and Africa will jump from 19,8 million to 82,1 million users by 2017. Over the last five years the developing world has experienced substantial growth in the adoption of mobile technology.

Emerging markets offer not only new possibilities for traditional banking but major potential for transformative banking.

Helping mobile users navigate their way through this, Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, has come up with an innovative mobile payment guide, 2013 Gemalto Netsize Guide, aimed at providing insight for users, mobile operators, banks, credit card companies and merchants.

“Mobile billing revenues worldwide are expected to rise by $13bn per year by 2017,” said Mohamed Anis Chemli, Business Director, Telecommunication division at Gemalto Middle East.

“The popularity of the smartphone depicts the rise in mobile usage. This is why the guide explores the big picture of mobile security, identity, privacy, and social commerce, while focusing on mobile wallets, in-app micropayments and money transfer, operator billing and messaging, as well as Near Field Communication (NFC).”

The popularity of the smartphone and the accessibility of data connections have established mobile devices as being invaluable for consumer purchases, personal banking, merchant transactions, and peer-to-peer payments.

Customers use mobile phones to enjoy services offered by businesses and data providers, thus giving mobile operators an additional opportunity to monetize their network services. According to Juniper Research, 11, 9 million mobile users in Middle East and Africa made transactions through mobile in 2012 and figures are expected to reach 71,9 million users by 2017.

Mobile devices are a vital form of today’s global communication. Visa estimates that by 2020 mobile payments will account for more than 50% of mobile users’ transactions. These trends necessitates that industries have in place a mobile strategy for commercial success.

Featured in the guide are interviews and opinion pieces by industry leaders from key mobile payment eco-system participants including Visa, Turkcell, and Marks & Spencer.

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