Parting Ways with Legacy Payments: Compelling Reasons To Take The Leap – OpenWay Group

Large financial institutions with outdated payment platforms face many challenges. Compelling reasons to leave legacy systems behind include the need for cross-border capabilities, better customer experiences, consolidation of different businesses, managing multiple platforms, and anticipating rapid growth.

Nevertheless, many organizations in the payments industry choose every year to take the leap and migrate to a new platform. OpenWay’s comprehensive new report provides real-life examples of successful migrations and the benefits achieved. It also provides valuable tips for a smooth migration process, including:

  • Evaluating and selecting the right platform
  • Defining clear roles and responsibilities while mapping the migration process
  • Aligning IT and business goals
  • Developing a post-migration maintenance strategy

Find out how organizations can seamlessly transition to a modern, innovative payments platform and unlock the full potential of their business while ensuring customer satisfaction.

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