PASA Mandates 3D Secure for all Online Payments

The Payments Association of South Africa has mandated the implementation and usage of 3D Secure for all merchants that process Card not Present transactions.  The first implementation date was the 2nd of April 2013.

The need for additional protection against unauthorised use of cards arose due to the significantly increasing fraud in this area.  It is PASA’s responsibility to administer and protect all South African National Payment Systems and Card Not Present fraud is of the highest priority for the Card Risk Strategy Sub-Committee of PASA.  The Card Strategy Forum made this decision in February 2013 and all merchants are required to adhere to the necessary systems and processes in order to implement successfully.

3D Secure detects and prevents Card not Present fraud by asking consumers to authenticate their identity so giving them increased piece of mind when ordering online. Consumers are asked to verify their details and are provided with an additional pin or password to further secure online transactions.

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