Paycorp Expands Into Embedded Business Funding in South Africa and the UK

Paycorp, a global leader in payment solutions, continues shaping the future of payments across Southern Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, and the UK. With over two decades of experience, Paycorp stands as an acknowledged innovator, leveraging a collaborative and integrated ecosystem, blending expertise, reliability and agility in transaction processing, cash management solutions, value-added services like cardless and crypto, and most recently, embedded business funding.

Innovative Embedded Funding Solutions

For the past year, Paycorp’s Capital Express brand has provided business funding to ATM clients across South Africa in partnership with the country’s foremost specialist in merchant cash advance, Retail Capital, a division of Tyme Bank. Paycorp offers instant working capital of up to R1 million based on historical ATM transaction data.

On the international front, Recap Global – a joint venture incubated between Paycorp and Retail Capital – has launched its funding offering in the United Kingdom. Recap leverages transaction data from various payment partners’ ATMs, point-of-sale, and e-commerce platforms to generate pre-approved, real-time funding.

Integrated into payment partners’ processes, Recap’s advanced credit risk engine ensures a seamless user experience, providing businesses across the UK with short-term working capital. Merchants receive a customised and secure offer URL, following a simple three-step process to receive same-day funds. Fees are transparent, determined upfront as a percentage of daily sales and deducted from daily settlements over flexible payment terms. Recap boasts 15 partners across 12 industries in four markets.

“We’re delighted to partner with payment platforms, enhancing their merchant offering and increasing loyalty with turnover-based business funding,” comments Jonathan Field, Recap’s Managing Director. “Eligible customers can get truly pre-approved, frictionless funding at the click of a button, eliminating rejection anxiety and empowering businesses to capitalise on growth opportunities amid challenging economic circumstances.”

Robust Technology Platform with Global Reach

“Paycorp’s technology platform is the backbone of our payment ecosystem, enabling low-cost global transaction processing from our South African hub,” states Steven Kark, co-founder and CEO. “Paycorp has evolved from a South African ATM business into an international payments provider, seamlessly moving into multiple payment verticals and geographies and is a partner of choice for businesses to elevate their payment capabilities and expand globally.”

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