Paygage Launches in Africa

Paygage, a new payment gateway platform has announced the launch of Paygage Africa which will transform payments for all professional communities in the Africa region. Paygage allows users to accept payments or bill clients on a recurring basis with ease and allows online and in-person payments.

Paygage was built with professional communities in mind. It is the most convenient and safest choice for member-based organizations that want to collect online payments. Paygage’s payment solution provides clients with a convenient, fast, simple, and secure way to collect money and bill communities.

Paygage accepts payments from all major credit and debit card companies from across the world. Users can enable their communities to pay securely and conveniently using Visa & Master credit or debit cards, via bank transfer, digital wallet, and mobile payment providers such as Mpesa. It currently has the ability to process over 20 currencies in the world.

Paygage also provides the highest level of security and reliability so users can stay compliant without extra complexity for their communities. Additionally, Paygage provides in-depth reports to automate the complete financial journey from online payments through ticketing and invoice generation. Organizations are in possession of rich transactional data in real-time which will help them gain critical insights for their professional communities.

Additional benefits of the Paygage Africa include:

* *Fast, convenient setup:* Begin accepting payments in minutes.
* *Quick, seamless integration and payouts:* integrates easily with your website and zero delays with your settlements done directly to your bank account.
* *Concierge chargeback service:* Our fully managed service helps with the time and inconvenience of managing the chargeback process.

Currently used by 30,000 users worldwide, Paygage has invented a new way to receive payments from professional communities from all major credit card and debit card companies across the world. Enable your community to pay you securely and conveniently using any of the major credit, debit or prepaid cards, via bank transfer or digital wallet.

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