PayPal Makes NFC-enabled mPOS Reader Available in the UK

The news keeps coming thick and fast here at PayPal. This time it’s a welcome boost for the nation’s small businesses, as our NFC-enabled PayPal Here card reader goes on sale today. It accepts contactless transactions payments from Visa, Maestro and MasterCard debit / credit cards, along with Apple Pay.

The new reader is set up to process transactions through Chip and PIN and as well as those taken by swiping the magnetic stripe whilst also offering a range of other services, like invoicing and receipt processing, and cash and cheque logging.

Plus, it’s pay-as-you-go, making it the perfect solution if you need to take payments on the go or trade seasonally and don’t want the tie of monthly fees. There is just the one off price of the device and the business then pays a small fee every time they make a transaction. The new card reader includes a screen which makes pairing with a smartphone or tablet easier than ever.

With over 58 million contactless cards in use in the UK and spending on them trebling in 2014, the new NFC-enabled PayPal Here card reader is a game changer for the nation’s small businesses.

So, here’s a quick guide to using it – and setting yourself on the path to contactless success.

  1. Buy the NFC-enabled PayPal Here card reader from our website for a one-off fee. If you already have an account with us, just log in or if you’re a new customer, it’s easy to sign upIf you haven’t already, download the PayPal Here mobile app free from the iTunes App Store or Google Play
  2. Follow simple, on-screen instructions to pair the new card reader wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet
  3. After that, you’re ready go. Which means all that’s left is for your customers to choose how to pay – and your business to start reaping the rewards, wherever you trade

And as a bonus, bundling the new PayPal Here card reader with Bouncepad’s PayPal tablet enclosure and custom card reader cradle gives businesses a sleek POS solution at a lower price point that’s user-friendly helping make it easier and more affordable for small businesses to start accepting contactless payments in-store.

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