Pick n Pay Launches Smart Shopper Mobile App

With the launch of the Pick n Pay smart shopper mobile app, customers can now access all the benefits of South Africa’s favourite rewards programme anytime.

With about 12 million smart phones in circulation in the country, they¹re the one thing that many South Africans just can’t do without. With this in mind, Pick n Pay recently made its smart shopper programme – now with over six million members – fully digital.

In line with retail loyalty trends abroad, Pick n Pay smart shopper programme members can access their very own smart shopper kiosk – queue-free – from their mobile phones.

Pick n Pay head of digital marketing Georgina Muirhead explained the benefits of the smart shopper mobile app, which was designed by Pick n Pay’s in-house digital team: “With the new Pick n Pay app for your phone, you can do all the things you would usually do at the smart shopper kiosk – but on your phone. You can switch points and receive a code to give to the teller to redeem points you have converted to your smart shopper card, check your points balance, find out what vouchers you have available to you to use at the till, or donate your points to your favourite charity.”

Steve Hoban, smart shopper general manager, said, “When we launched smart shopper some years back, we said that the programme would evolve as we learnt more about what our customers were looking for. During the past few months, we’ve introduced a number of innovations designed to add value, increase functionality and that are easy use. This latest innovation is certainly going to make life a whole lot easier for our customers.”

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