Von Zeuner Resigns from Absa Boards

Absa Bank Limited and Absa Financial Services Limited, subsidiaries of Barclays Africa Group Limited, announced that Louis von Zeuner has resigned from the boards of Absa Bank and Absa Financial Services, with effect from the end of September 2013. Von Zeuner relinquished his full-time executive role as Deputy Chief Executive of Absa Group in December last year.

In May 2013 the Boards of the then Absa Group Limited and Absa Bank Limited were reconfigured in line with the Barclays Africa Group structure in anticipation of concluding the combination of the Barclays Africa and Absa businesses. At that time, Von Zeuner stepped down from the Absa Group Board; and retained his membership of the Boards of Absa Bank and Absa Financial Services.

Wendy Lucas-Bull, Chairman of Barclays Africa Group Limited, Absa Bank Limited, and Absa Financial Services Limited commented: “Louis approached me some weeks ago to discuss his aspirations to pursue opportunities outside of and also more broadly within the financial services sector. We wish him well with his future endeavours.”

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