ProCredit Bank Brings Intelligent Cash Deposit and ATM Currency Exchange to Georgia with NCR

NCR Corporation, the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, announced that ProCredit Bank Georgia has chosen NCR and its local partner RS Line to implement the first intelligent deposit ATMs in the country. Referred to locally as ‘universal’ ATMs, the NCR intelligent deposit ATMs enable clients to deposit cash into their accounts, unlike standard ATMs, which only allow cash withdrawals. At the same time, clients have the opportunity to view their account balance and recent transactions.

The NCR software and hardware solutions deployed by ProCredit offer services through a convenient ATM channel that is available around the clock at ProCredit Bank 24/7 Zones. Another benefit of the new ATMs is that as more customers use the equipment to make transactions at the 24/7 Zones, bank staff will have more time to devote to clients who need assistance with other high-quality banking services.

“With the aim of offering our loyal clients innovative banking solutions, ProCredit Bank has installed new ’universal’ cash-in ATMs in our 24/7 Zones,” said Ketevan Kakheli, Head of Distance Banking at ProCredit Bank. “One of the main advantages of the new equipment is its speed. It is not necessary for clients to feed notes into the ATM one by one, as up to 50 notes can be processed at one time. In addition, the amount deposited is credited to the account immediately. The cash-in ATM service is currently only available to ProCredit Bank private clients. However, the service will also be made available to ProCredit Bank business clients in the near future. ProCredit Bank will continue to offer its clients innovative solutions for flexible banking.”

The NCR solution, that includes NCR SelfServ 32 ATMs, offers mixed-currency cash deposits as well as direct currency exchange from Georgian Lari to US Dollars or Euros and vice versa. NCR SelfServ ATMs are protected against known and unknown malware and fraud attacks with NCR’s Solidcore Suite for APTRA. In addition, NCR Skimming Protection Solution (SPS) protects cardholder data from card skimming attacks by detecting and jamming the signal of fraudulent skimming devices, as well as notifying the bank in real-time.

“By expanding its traditional self-service services to include cash deposit and currency exchange functionality, ProCredit Bank Georgia is now able to improve services with the introduction of one solution,” explained Igor Panteliushin, Channel Leader for Finance Services Division in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States at NCR. “Investing in self-service solutions helps ProCredit Bank to free up resources for more complex consulting services, while at the same time offering innovative client service that is unique in Georgia.”

RS Line Ltd., NCR’s distribution partner for the region, was responsible for implementing the new technology at ProCredit Bank Georgia. RS Line offers the entire NCR financial services portfolio, as well as providing maintenance and repair services for all NCR solutions they deploy.

“ProCredit Georgia identified the value that intelligent cash deposit technology – referred to locally as universal ATMs – can offer for both its own operations as well as for its clients,” said George Shavdia, General Manager at RS Line. “We are proud to support ProCredit as it brings pioneering financial services to market for the first time in Georgia, representing a turning point in self-service banking in Georgia and serving as a vivid example of an innovative alternative way of handling cash. Thanks to NCR’s innovative solutions and experience, we were able to tailor and implement the new services within just 12 weeks.”

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