Rapid Communications to Launch Virtual Banking Services in Somalia

The mass market in Somalia will now be able to access various banking products virtually through their mobile phone after Kenya’s Rapid communications recently acquired 16% shareholding in Nationlink telecom, a GSM operator, along with the license for banking services.

The company currently manages the content management system (CMS) platform for Nationlink telecom and with this new opportunity, Rapid Communications hopes to take advantage of Somali remittance business estimated to be over $2 billion annualy.

The service will run on the back of E-mal mobile wallet solution currently deployed in Somalia.

Speaking after the deal signing, Rapid Communications Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Anwar Hussein, said Rapid Intends to tap into its network of over 5000 outlets in Europe, Middle East and the US offering diaspora market remitance and banking products.

“With the success of mobile banking in Kenya, Rapid Communications hopes to replicate the same services to the masses in Somalia”. Said Mr. Anwar

The deal will see Somalia benefit from expertise of mobile banking and remittances solutions already successful in Kenya.

“We are using Kenya as a success case study on mobile banking, to implement the same in the ready Somalia market. We are relying on Rapid to make mobile banking a success in Somalia” Said Mr. Ido, The President/CEO of Nationlink Somalia.

Originally published on HumanIPO.

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