RBR | Advanced Software Solutions Play a Key Role in Optimising ATM Performance

Software solutions play a critical role in boosting the quality of service at ATMs, as deployers in many markets rationalise their fleets in response to declining demand for cash

Remote monitoring software improves uptime

RBR’s recent study, Global ATM Market and Forecasts to 2026, shows that the number of ATMs worldwide continued to fall in 2020, driven by rationalisation in more mature markets where cashless payment methods are becoming increasingly prevalent. However, while estates in many countries shrink, investment in terminal efficiency shows no sign of slowing.

Remote monitoring software allows banks and independent ATM deployers to follow the status of machines in real time from afar, enabling them to resolve issues faster. Virtually all ATMs are monitored remotely, and with many markets set to continue to contract, the level of service and uptime of the remaining machines is all the more important. Proprietary solutions are most common for ATM monitoring – software developed in-house covers the vast majority of ATMs in China, by far the world’s largest market. In other major markets, software provided by the main suppliers of ATM hardware is commonly used.

Software boosts security

The study also shows that most ATMs receive software updates remotely. This ensures that, among other things, the latest security measures are always in place. With increasing cyber‑attacks, the ability to quickly distribute essential updates – as well as the presence of dedicated security software – gives ATMs enhanced protection from modern threats. Specialist IT security firms are common providers of such solutions, while ATM manufacturers account for almost a third of the market.

Deployers harness technology to manage cash supply

While cash withdrawals took a hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, RBR’s research predicts recovery, with customers the world over still requiring convenient access to cash. Being able to supply cash without interruption is of key importance for deployers. This is particularly necessary as bank branch closures continue and more ATMs are located further afield, with shortages less likely to be noticed. Many ATM operators have therefore invested in cash management software, particularly in remote locations, allowing for proactive scheduling of refills to avoid customer disappointment.

Rowan Berridge, who led RBR’s Global ATM Market and Forecasts to 2026 research, remarked: “As quality of service becomes increasingly more important than the quantity of machines, we can expect to see interesting developments in advanced software solutions as deployers look to get the best for both themselves and their customers”.

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