Riyad Bank and MasterCard Jointly Launch the Rebranded Riyad Bank Debit Card

Riyad Bank’s new MasterCard is accepted at ATMs worldwide, providing even more convenience for the Bank’s customers.

Riyad Bank and MasterCard have partnered together to launch a new range of MasterCard debit cards for the Bank’s customers, which will replace the current Maestro debit cards. The Riyad Bank debit MasterCard will provide a host of additional services, both nationally and internationally, to make banking even easier for customers.

The agreement between Riyad Bank and MasterCard was signed at Riyad Bank’s headquarters in Riyadh by Adel Ahmad Bin Al Sheikh, Riyad Bank’s Executive Vice President of Retail Banking, and Michael Maybach, President of MasterCard in the Middle East and Africa.

The agreement between Riyad Bank and MasterCard will open up a world of possibilities to the Bank’s customers, including the ability to access MasterCard’s global network of 30 million merchants, shops and stores, as well as millions of MasterCard-branded ATMs and point-of-sales worldwide. The Riyad Bank MasterCard debit card will provide customers with immediate worldwide access to their funds wherever they may be, allowing for a more convenient, flexible payment service.

“This agreement with MasterCard will help our customers who use Riyad Bank debit cards to realize even more value from banking with us,” said Al Sheikh. “They will be able to benefit from a range of privileges no matter where they are, as well as enhanced protection for them and their money when using the card to purchase goods. We believe that our new MasterCard is the ideal choice for today’s customer.”

“We’re delighted to have made this agreement with Riyad Bank,” added Maybach. “We’ve had a long relationship with Riyad Bank, and we will continue to support the Bank in its aim of bringing the latest innovations to the Kingdom to support its growing customer base and make banking even easier, safer and more convenient for Riyad Bank debit card holders.”

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