Scan to Pay Powered by Ukheshe – More Than Just Another Way to Pay

Since the brand evolution of Masterpass to Scan to Pay, Powered by Ukheshe, earlier this year, South Africa’s appetite for mobile QR payments has surged. Crafted with the user in mind, Scan to Pay is more than just a payment application – it’s a financial hub tailored for the everyday consumer.

“We wanted to provide South Africans with a tool that isn’t just another way to pay, but a secure holistic solution to their transaction needs,” says Paul Selibas, Division President at Ukheshe. “With 12 million transactions monthly, serving an expansive ecosystem that includes over six acquirers, 14 banks, and fintechs, three mobile operators, 94 payment service providers, and half a million merchants, Scan to Pay stands as the largest QR payment ecosystem in the country.”

Beyond its impressive reach, what sets the Scan to Pay app apart is swift, secure, and cost-effective contactless QR payments. With integration capabilities across various digital platforms users simply add their bank card and leave the physical one at home.

With Scan to Pay, customers don’t need to recall any banking details. All the information regarding the merchant and transaction details are securely stored and the QR is a reference to this information.

The user-friendly interface showcases Scan to Pay’s prominent partners, from Checkers, Shell, Clicks, and Engen to Shoprite, SnapScan, Takealot, Bob Shop, to name just a few, as well as over 600,000 acceptance locations and counting.

“But it’s not just about direct payments,” Selibas notes. “Users can effortlessly settle bills from utilities, financial services, municipalities, and even television services. The app allows for true remote digital payments no matter where you are – whether you’re at a physical store or browsing online.”

Selibas says new features are constantly being added to the app. “Payments to insurance and healthcare providers, as well as attorneys, is now possible from the app, while topping up on airtime, data, and SMS bundles from leading operators like Vodacom and MTN has never been simpler.”

Upon completion of a transaction, users receive an instant receipt detailing their payment – a feature that enhances expense tracking and can be shared in real-time.

Scan to Pay’s functionalities extend beyond its standalone app. Major banks have also embedded the Scan to Pay feature, offering QR payments within their Banking Apps for their customer to interact with the Scan to Pay ecosystem.

More recently Scan to Pay launched Scan to Pay vouchers following a growing demand from South African businesses who want to pay out tailor-made loyalty or incentive offerings in bulk – quickly, seamlessly, and at a low cost.

“As the payments ecosystem in South Africa evolves and more consumers opt to pay via their mobile devices, it’s vital for us to remain at the forefront of innovation, ensuring our users have access to secure, simple, and convenient payment methods where and when they need it,” Selibas says. “We believe that with Scan to Pay, we’re not only meeting these needs but setting a new standard for what a payment app should be.”

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