ShopKeep Upgrades Point-of-Sale Technology for Bars and Restaurants

ShopKeep, which is currently used in more than 10,000 small businesses, has described new features that were recently added to its cloud-based point-of-sale software. Together, they improve how full-service bars and restaurants accept payments and manage operations.

“Bar and restaurant owners are not usually technologists, so all they want is a point-of-sale system that is easy to use and that helps them run a better business,” said Jason Richelson, ShopKeep’s founder and co-CEO. “My experience as a former small business owner allows ShopKeep to build solutions that solve the actual problems owners face.”

ShopKeep’s newest feature, Check Management, allows users to hold tabs open for customers throughout a shift and let them pay for their transaction when they are ready. Merchants can ring up a customer who may not be ready to finish the transaction and move onto the next customer – without having to delete the previous tab. What’s more, the intuitive design allows staff to learn the system in minutes.

Tip Later builds naturally on the Open Check functionality to provide flexibility about how and when customers are asked to tip. Waiters can now take cards after a meal, authorize the customer’s card, and bring a receipt back to the table for the tip.

Instead of paper and inefficient restaurant operations, restaurant managers can equip staff with iPad Minis to take orders and accept payments right at the table. As soon as the server places the order, tickets can be sent to the kitchen and bar, so staff can start preparing the customer’s food immediately. These new features save precious time at the beginning and end of meals, creating a better customer experience and helping restaurateurs turn their tables quicker.

“ShopKeep exists to make running a small businesses better, and our mission is to replace cash registers and legacy Windows-based POS systems with iPads and cloud computing. This upgrade will help the country’s many independent bars and restaurants grow,” Richelson said.

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