Shoppers to Pay via M-Pesa at Uchumi Outlets in Tanzania

Shoppers in Tanzania’s Uchumi supermarkets can now pay for their goods using cash or mobile money transfer platform M-Pesa after the retail chain entered into partnership with Vodacom Tanzania.

Commenting on the partnership with Uchumi, Vodacom Tanzania chief officer of sales Hasan Saleh said the partnership will improve convenience for shoppers while the use of mobile money as a shopping tool will reduce the cases of shoppers carrying bulk amounts for shopping at the risk of their own safety.

“Shoppers will not have to risk carrying large sums of money for shopping, M-Pesa will henceforth carry the cash for them safely,” said Mr Saleh.

He added that the proximity of the its new shop to Uchumi quality centre branch will also enable shoppers enjoy other services by Vodacom including device configuration, device repair and after sales service.

“We call upon both M-Pesa and Uchumi customers to make well use of this shop. Vodacom is a company that will always give services to customers easily and affordably,” added Mr Saleh.

The supermarkets Country Manager, Mr Chris Lenana, on his part said the partnership would benefit customers of both organizations.

Originally published on: Daily News Tanzania

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