Spark ATM Systems have Installed 4000 ATM’s

In its 14th year of trading, and about to celebrate 15 years of excellence in 2020, Spark ATM Systems have officially laid down a marker in the ATM industry in South Africa, as the leading independent ATM deployer.

Our ever-growing national network of ATMs can be found in every conceivable type of bank branch, retail, hospitality, leisure and convenience location for one simple reason – consumers expect them wherever they need cash and merchants recognise their many benefits. And if there is a town, city or region that does not have an ATM bolted down by Spark ATM Systems yet, please know we are coming to get you.

In anticipation of achieving the milestone, and to help create the excitement, we put up a “Race to 4000 ATM’s” road map. As we got closer and closer to the goal, we revealed the hidden number!

Here’s to achieving the next milestone of 5000 ATM’s!

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