Stanchion Appoints Shaun Hulley as Global Sales Engineering Leader

Stanchion Payments, a prominent global provider of payment technology, is proud to announce the appointment of seasoned payments professional Shaun Hulley, who will use his wealth of international industry experience to head up the leading paytech solution provider’s skilled and dynamic sales engineering team as Director of Global Sales Engineering

Hulley returns to Australia after a stint in Silicon Valley where he held a key role at global paytech giant, PayPal, as Senior Director of its Issuance and Tokenisation Platforms. “Stanchion is transitioning to a very exciting growth chapter with the evolution of its own solutions, and I am excited to be part of that journey with a forward-thinking organisation whose sales engineering team already comprises of some of the most experienced staff in the payments industry,” says Hulley.

Stanchion CEO Steve Kirrage says he is excited to welcome Hulley to the Stanchion team. “In his role as Director of Global Sales Engineering, Shaun will be utilising his vast experience and subject matter expertise to grow, develop and lead our sales engineering team to ensure that their knowledge and experience are utilised to the benefit of our organisation and our customers,” says Kirrage.

The vast experience Hulley gained at PayPal will help him to guide the team in understanding customer needs as well as allowing him to offer insights into Stanchion’s Product and Delivery teams based on the successful implementation of various initiatives – both business and operations related – in his previous role. “At PayPal, I was responsible for a portfolio that mirrors the ideal potential customer for Stanchion. We delivered capabilities across a range of payments ecosystems, in diverse global markets, integrating to multiple internal and external systems for various functions, and supporting regulatory and compliance mandates.”

Hulley says one of the key strategic focuses as he takes up his new position will be to ensure that Stanchion’s expertise stands out in the highly competitive payments landscape. “Increasing awareness of Stanchion’s capabilities is key, as is continuing to build customer confidence in our ability to identify and deliver the right solutions for them, whether that involves our off-the-shelf products, those of our partners, or a tailored approach – an area in which Stanchion has strong, demonstrated experience,” he says. “Underscoring all of this is the fact that despite the budget constraints many customers face, Stanchion is uniquely poised to offer a set of solutions that not only allow them to innovate, but also to retain and add value to their existing investments, adding flexibility where it matters most.”

Another way that Stanchion is able to set itself apart, says Hulley, is anticipating requirements by staying abreast of ever-changing needs and technologies, including the evolving significance of technical expertise and customer engagement in global sales engineering. “Identifying the right solution for a customer in the increasingly complex ecosystem of payments technologies begins with having the relevant level of technical expertise, firstly to understand the customer’s problem and then to consider and define relevant solution options, ultimately selecting the option that provides the best fit for the customer’s context,” says Hulley. “By doing this, it instils a sense of security in the customer and confidence that Stanchion is the long-term partner that they can consult for any payment initiatives, adding value by understanding their environment and helping to anticipate and address pain points as they arise.”

He says Stanchion is well placed to take advantage of the trend to move away from large, single-solution vendors to those providing pluggable architectures, allowing customers to select specialised solutions, or even bring their own solutions for specific capabilities, with Stanchion’s solutions orchestrating as necessary to add value synergistically.

“I am really excited about the opportunity to demonstrate the value that a small, distributed, experienced team of industry experts can add by providing a global perspective with local knowledge and the ability to drive growth on a different scale in an agile, responsive fashion for Stanchion customers,” says Hulley.

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