Sterling Payment Technologies Certifies EMV Solution with Datacap Systems

Sterling Payment Technologies, a national payment processor and provider of integrated payment solutions, recently announced that it has completed certification for an EMV-capable solution for software developers with Datacap Systems, a leading integrated payments middleware provider. Certification with the card brands is expected to be completed in the coming weeks.

Because of the EMV liability shift, pressure is mounting on merchants who use a POS system to implement EMV solutions to protect their business and customers. Sterling’s integrated solution makes it easier and faster for POS developers to integrate with a merchant’s POS system to meet the EMV requirements.

“Sterling is proud to partner with Datacap to address this important need in the marketplace,” said Gary Staub, chief sales and marketing officers at Sterling. “We are excited to continue our long standing partnership with a company that leads the industry in the development of integrated POS solutions for merchants and ISV partners.”

“We’re happy to announce Sterling’s pending EMV certification with Datacap’s line of integrated payments solutions. It provides another important option to help the POS developer community provide reliable and secure payment options for merchants,” said Justin Zeigler, marketing director at Datacap Systems.

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