Switch Commerce Announces New Executive

Switch Commerce LLC, an ATM transaction processing and credit card merchant services company in the United States, has announced the addition of Tom Bannon as Senior Vice President, Operations. Mr. Bannon will be a key, active member of the executive management team, and joins the principal shareholder and company executive Roy T. Rimmer, Jr.

“Switch Commerce’s innovative technology, extensive experience and exceptional customer service has earned the trust of ATM owners and companies who control over 40,000 terminals nationwide,” said Bannon. “Having been deeply involved in the payments industry, and leading both operations and technology solutions, I developed a strong understanding of capabilities and feel confident I can lead Switch Commerce towards opportunities for growth,” added Bannon. “Switch Commerce is ideally positioned to leverage its ATM technology. Combined with my deep experience in complex system design, integration activities, and customer service, I envision being able to expand the product offerings with both current client relationships to generate new revenues streams, as well as with new customer segments.”

Mr. Bannon will report to Mr. Rimmer, a successful entrepreneur, who has spent a lifetime building multi-national companies, such as AirLease International, which specializes in the sales and service of aircraft engines and technical support. He has been owner and an active member of the Switch Commerce executive team since the company’s inception in 2003.

While helping build the business from a start-up, Rimmer has been responsible for much of the company’s direction. He mastered the industry’s nuances by working directly with customers and prospects, creating strategic relationships, attending trade shows, negotiating vendor contracts, establishing partnerships and developing the marketing program.

“With Mr. Rimmer’s help, Switch Commerce will continue to enjoy solid, stable growth,” said Mr. Bannon. “We will match the leadership talent with potential growth in new, exciting ways. We are on the brink of launching several creative projects outside of our traditional ATM and credit card processing services. Switch Commerce will change the nature of payment processing in some key industry segments that have never been addressed before.”

“One of our strategic goals was to improve executive support for the technology and customer service teams,” added Rimmer. “Our leadership group will be able to accomplish this goal more efficiently and effectively with Mr. Bannon’s contributions. Switch Commerce will judiciously add more talent to the team as needed to ensure our continued success as we expand into new areas of service.”

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