TCI Presents: The Core Banking Solutions Conference 2014

Consistent competitive pressures in the core banking industry are forcing banks to look at new ways of gaining competitive advantage, often in the form of spending more finances and time in making sure their core banking systems are immaculate. Hence the need to gain better decision making skills to ensure resources are spent effectively in upgrading core banking systems.

The Core Banking Solutions Conference: 2014 and beyond to be held in Johannesburg on 12 & 13 February will offer delegates the opportunity to gain perspectives on issues such as:

  • evolving landscape of core banking transformation
  • case study: core banking transformation at Standard Bank
  • consistent changing environment banks are exposed to
  • change management to support core banking transformation
  • core banking transformation: supporting the Africa business agenda
  • banking solution in Africa
  • core banking implementations: 10 things I wished I knew during the journey
  • simplifying core banking business cases
  • emerging and evolving cyber-threats to core banking systems: can the banks withstand the upcoming sever large-scale cyber-attack?
  • latest drivers for investment in core banking technologies
  • challenges and enables of innovation in an organisation
  • important governance and compliance issues to consider in core banking systems

Lisa Nathanson, project manager at Trade Conferences International asserts that this two day event is set to define the ever changing posture of core banking solutions and unveil latest issues facing core banking professionals and emerging trends in core banking technologies.

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