TSYS Recognized for Outstanding Service Quality

TSYS has announced that it was honored by Visa for superior service quality in the area of issuer processing authorizations. TSYS received two 2013 Visa Service Quality Performance Awards for lowest assured transaction rate and lowest transaction response time. TSYS has been the recipient of Visa Service Quality Performance Awards multiple times over the past twenty-plus years. In 2013, TSYS processed 10.4 billion issuer authorizations globally, an average of more than 40 million authorizations each day, and up to 684 authorizations per second.

“Our TSYS values include an unrelenting focus on excellence, delivering unparalleled quality and service. At the same time, our brand of People-Centered Payments drives us to make sure the consumer experience is the best it can possibly be. Accurate and prompt authorizations are a key component of the consumer and merchant experience,” said Bill Pruett, president of the North America services segment, TSYS. “Visa is a great partner and represents one of our longest, strongest relationships. This recognition affirms our team’s dedication to quality and encourages us to work even harder for the people we serve.”

Visa Service Quality Performance Awards were created in 1992 to recognize members and processors for their outstanding operating performance and focus on service quality improvement. Within each tier, members and processors are recognized for exceptional performance in key operation areas directly affecting their customers. TSYS won in tier 1 for multinational high volume companies.

The Lowest Assured Transaction Rate award honors issuer processors that reduce the need for Visa stand-in processing by responding to authorization requests in a timely and accurate manner. Transactions processed by these issuer processors are carefully evaluated for risk and transaction quality, ensuring a high degree of fraud protection. The Lowest Transaction Response Time award recognizes issuer processors that build and support brand preference for Visa by performing authorizations quickly.

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