Vodafone Romania Introduces a New Service for its Customers – M Pesa

In partnership with Azimo and WorldRemit, two of the largest operators of digital transfer money internationally, Vodafone Romania introduces a new service for its customers – international money transfer service through Vodafone M Pesa. In a safe and innovative new service facilitates money transfers from abroad, from any person in Europe, USA and Canada by any customer of Vodafone Romania mobile services.

Users Vodafone Romania have an account M-Pesa can withdraw the money in over 2,100 locations flagged M-Pesa, across the country, or they can use to pay directly from your phone, utility bills, to pay the Various traders or recharging prepaid Vodafone. Vodafone Romania users who do not have an account M-Pesa will have access to funds after registering for the service M-Pesa, the nearest Vodafone M-Pesa location.

“We offer our customers an innovative service that is safe, fast and at a competitive price. Shuttle service internationally by Vodafone M-Pesa is the first mobile platform on the market in Romania that allows Romanians to receive money from abroad – from European countries or the United States and Canada – and to access the funds immediately at any time, any day of the week. Moreover, our customers who use this service can thank those who have sent money abroad using the international data traffic and free minutes offered as a bonus for each transaction. So, with this partnership between Vodafone M-Pesa, on the one hand and Azimo and WorldRemit the other side, receiving money from abroad becomes easier and more convenient. “Said Valentin Stefan, Director, Business Development, Vodafone Romania.

Vodafone Romania customers can access and use the funds in real time as soon as the transaction is confirmed via SMS on the mobile phone of the recipient. In addition, users benefit from a number of advantages: the service is easy to use, no additional fees are charged for direct payments M-Pesa account, and the user is notified once the transaction is confirmed.

Coupon first transfer to Romania, using “mobile wallet” / “digital wallet” from Azimo or WorldRemit will be free, while subsequent transactions will benefit from advantageous commissions.

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