Western Union Enhances Mobile Money Transfer Capabilities in Africa

The Western Union Company , a leader in global payment services, in collaboration with the MTN Group, a multinational mobile telecommunications company servicing 229,2 million customers in 22 countries, announced the launch of a new mobile money transfer service in Rwanda and Ivory Coast. The new service allows MTN customers in both countries to receive a Western Union Money Transfer transaction in their mobile wallet.

Senders may choose to send from a participating Western Union agent location or a Western Union digital1 channel; the receiver may then pick up the transfer into his or her mobile wallet. The money can be used to pay bills, conduct a person-to-person money transfer, buy airtime, as well as other MTN Mobile Money services available.

This new offering increases the breadth of Western Union’s payout options in country. In addition to the new mobile money transfer service with MTN, Rwandan and Ivory Coast consumers can receive funds at more than 400 Western Union locations in Rwanda and 1,350 Western Union locations in Ivory Coast. With the combined digital and retail Western Union offerings, Rwanda and Ivory Coast customers now have the ability to send and receive money from family and friends based on their current needs.

“Western Union continues to grow its reach across Africa, while delivering an exceptional experience across retail and mobile platforms, allowing our customers to conveniently and reliably move money,” said Khalid Fellahi, senior vice president and general manager, Western Union Digital. “Furthermore, Western Union seeks to promote global economic opportunity by bridging gaps in the traditional financial services system, and strives to provide consumers with 24×7 access to Western Union services.”

As of April 2015, MTN had 27,4 million Mobile Money subscribers across 14 operations. The service enables users to perform local and international money transfers and make utility payments and purchases. In Ivory Coast, where MTN is the leading operator with more than 8,3 million subscribers on the network and 2,6 million Mobile Money subscribers, users are now able to pay for online purchases with MTN Mobile Money.

“MTN is committed to offering innovative services that help improve the quality of life for our customers,” said Serigne Dioum, head of Mobile Financial Services, MTN Group. “By expanding our relationship with Western Union in Rwanda and Ivory Coast, we are providing our customers with an easy and reliable option to receive money from family and friends worldwide.”

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