Wincor Nixdorf Showcases New and Enhanced IT Solutions at EuroCIS

At EuroCIS 2015, Wincor Nixdorf is presenting new and enhanced IT solutions to automate the point of sale in retailing, streamline back office activities, and provide consumers with a seamless omnichannel shopping experience.

POS systems go mobile: BEETLE /moPOS is a tablet POS solution that can be used as a stationary and mobile point of sale. All the necessary POS functions, information on products and payment by card are now offered in mobile form wherever the consumer needs them in the store. Store staff can call up the inventory status of the desired product, reorder goods and obtain more details on articles anywhere in the sales area. In order to use the BEETLE /moPOS as a stationary checkout, the 8.3-inch or 10.1-inch tablet is simply inserted in a docking station to which a cash drawer, receipt printer, customer display, checkout scales or other devices are connected. The solution enables retailers to run their current Windows-based POS and merchandise management applications, as well as use new app-based solution suites. BEETLE /moPOS features Intel’s latest processor technology and runs under a Microsoft Windows 8.1 or Android 4.4 operating system.

Flexibly positioned: Wincor Nixdorf is presenting the BEETLE /iSCAN EASY Hybrid, a terminal that can be converted from an attended to a self-service checkout at the touch of a button. As a result, the checkout process can be sped up during peak times by switching over from self-service to attended mode – or returning to self-service mode once lines have shortened. In turn, customers can ask for an employee to assist them at any time: the retailer takes control of the system again at the touch of a button. Because the 100% ADA II-compliant BEETLE /iSCAN EASY Hybrid is so easy to use, it takes only one store employee to monitor and manage several POS systems simultaneously. The quick and easy convertibility combined with ease of use enables retailers to keep lanes open at all times and optimize their assignment of personnel.

Secure transparency: Wincor Nixdorf is also showcasing the latest version of its Cash Management Office Solution, which automates back-end processes in retailing and creates a closed and secure loop between all points of sale and the cash office. The solution frees employees from routine functions, such as sorting and counting cash, and also provides a real-time awareness of the current cash situation. In particular, this cash management solution is ideal for large retailers that handle significant amounts of cash per shift, such as supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Sales success on all channels: Wincor Nixdor is presenting the latest version of its software, which forms the cornerstone of a true omnichannel platform. Version 5.5 of the software provides retailers with seamless connectivity for applications across each of their sales channels and enables them to combine rules-based pricing promotions with customer loyalty programs. 5.5 also features advanced back-end capabilities for the management of store networks. The latest version of the software suite features a new customer relationship management module that provides real-time interaction with consumers on all channels, including social media touch-points. On the back-end side, 5.5 seamlessly organizes cross-channel order processing, item availability checks and the handling of cash and non-cash payments. 5.5 is part of Wincor Nixdorf’s modular TP Application Suite, which addresses the entire range of sales-related processes required by large, international retailers. The TP Application Suite consists of a series of integrated software applications that have been installed in over 200,000 POS systems in more than 70 countries. And Wincor Nixdorf ensures support for its solutions around the world through its closely-meshed delivery and service network.

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