WorldRemit, Tigo Tanzania in Mobile Wallet Deal

Online money transfer service WorldRemit has partnered operator Tigo Tanzania to allow individuals sending money to friends and family living in Tanzania to have the funds delivered to a Tigo Pesa mobile wallet.

The deal is available for customers sending money from the 35 countries in which Tigo has a presence, with the companies saying the deal complements existing receive options such as bank transfer, cash pickup and mobile airtime top-up.

“I am delighted that WorldRemit is now able to offer Tigo Pesa as a way of receiving money in Tanzania. Today people use their money in lots of different ways and financial services need to respond to that,” said Ismail Ahmed, WorldRemit chief executive officer (CEO).

“At WorldRemit we aim to give people as many money transfer options as possible, from bank accounts and cash pickup to mobile wallets and airtime top-up. This is the sort of choice and flexibility that people demand in a modern, connected world.”

WorldRemit is an online service that allows people to send money around the world quickly and at low cost, using a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Migrants from Tanzania sent US$75 million home in 2013, according to the World Bank, with the same research finding remittance payments to Tanzania from overseas had more than doubled since 2008.

Originally published on Human IPO.

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