8 Gaming Companies that are Taking Payments to the Next Level

In recent months there has been an increasing trend for gaming companies to get creative with payments. With new technologies emerging all the time, gaming companies are constantly finding ways to make in game payments quicker and easier. Here is a rundown of some of the innovations gaming companies have been making in the payments field:

Xbox One uses QR codes
The new Xbox will feature a technology which allows customers to redeem vouchers by scanning QR Codes, replacing a system where users previously had to type in 25 digit numbers. This is made possible by the Kinect camera which will come bundled with the new consoles.

Sony accepts PayPal
Sony now lets PlayStation 3 owners fund their game and media purchases with PayPal accounts directly from their video game consoles.

Nintendo Wii U is NFC ready
Although they are not currently utilising the technology, Nintendo’s Wii U, which launched last year, has a built in Field Communication reader. This means that in the future gamers could buy games simply by tapping their credit cards against the controller.

League of Legends now takes American Express
League of Legends’ in game virtual currency can now be topped up using real money via an American Express prepaid card, specially designed for the game.

Dynamics Gamifies rewards
Dynamics launched a new game-based rewards system issued by Key-Bank In which consumers collect game pieces at each transaction and win rewards after they accumulate a predetermined combination of tokens.

LeetCoin rewards gameplay with Bitcoins
LeetCoin’s provides people with bitcoins if they’re good at video games. For example, if a LeetCoin user wins a match in the online game CounterStrike, the player gets some of the loser’s bitcoin balance.

Wargaming.net uses Karma Koin for in-game purchases
Wargaming.net has begun to accept Karma Koin, a prepaid card solution developed by Nexon America, for in-game purchases in their highly successful massively multiplayer online (MMO) war titles.

Opera and Nazara provide a mobile gaming payment solution
Opera Commerce and Nazara Technologies now provide a solution to Opera Mini users where they can pay for mobile games directly through their monthly mobile bills or a prepaid balance.


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