Global PIN-debit Service Boosts Reach for US e-Commerce Merchants

Acculynk, a global PIN-debit authentication gateway, now actively brings global customers to US merchants by enabling authentication of debit cards issued by the world’s largest local-country debit card schemes.

US online merchants, both large and small, seeking to grow sales by courting consumers outside the US must be able to accept debit cards cross-border. Up until now, this required costly implementations of multiple authentication solutions on a country-by-country basis. Acculynk’s PaySecure International is an industry-changing gateway that reduces IT effort required by merchants to accept non-US cards and at the same time offers the most comprehensive access to global debit cards available.

PaySecure International solves authentication challenges with a unique approach that allows the consumer to authenticate without leaving the merchant checkout. PaySecure acts as a dynamic authentication engine presenting the cardholder with authentication flow required by the local issuer. For example, a Union Pay cardholder making purchases follows the Union Pay authentication flow, while a RuPay cardholder at the same merchant follows the NPCI authentication flow.

“Acculynk PaySecure International allows us to rev up our sales to millions of new customers without disrupting our checkout or asking our IT team to duplicate effort,” said Mark deCausmeaker, Director Multi Channel Sales, REEDS Jewelers. “As more and more countries come online with PaySecure International, our market reach will continuously expand with virtually no additional work on our side.”

Once PaySecure is integrated, merchants do not have to make any further technical changes to enable incremental international markets. As Acculynk continues to expand its international footprint, merchants are enabled to accept debit cards from these markets with no additional technical effort required.

“The industry is waking up to the need to operate with a global mindset,” said Ashish Bahl, CEO Acculynk. “Merchants and Issuers see Acculynk as a way to solve the challenges that have prevented huge growth in global e-commerce. A single implementation of PaySecure brings a merchant multiple countries. Acculynk’s ability to bring new customers to US merchants sets us well apart from authentication schemes which only offer a cost-reduction value proposition.”

Historically, global online consumers remained largely inaccessible to US merchants due to a lack of a cross-border debit acceptance infrastructure. Outside the US, online debit card purchases require customer verification. These local requirements are driven by country regulations or card issuer requirements making compliance costly and cumbersome for merchants.

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