Allied Wallet Reaches Over 100 Million Users Worldwide

Allied Wallet, a global provider of online credit card processing, multi-currency merchant services, and a PCI Level 1 secured payment gateway, has reported over 100 million users worldwide for their online payment solutions after a spike in holiday sales.

After a busy holiday season, Allied Wallet’s merchants saw an average increase of nearly 30% in sales. It’s clear that consumers are beginning to prefer online shopping to the hassles of traditional holiday shopping.

According to a survey performed by the National Retail Federation, 49.9% of shoppers finished their holiday shopping with purchases online. The survey showed the highest percentage in its eleven year history.

Allied Wallet’s merchants saw a significant spike in volume this holiday season, and this spike contributed to Allied Wallet’s growth to over 100 million users worldwide.

Allied Wallet simplifies the process of online shopping by allowing consumers to create an eWallet. This eWallet acts as an online payment solution for consumers that stores and protects their payment information.

As of January 2014, Allied Wallet reached over 100 million users for this eWallet service.

“We’re glad to see that consumers are using our eWallet solution to protect their payments,” said CEO Andy Khawaja. “We’ve heard of other payment processors being penetrated and information getting compromised. But with Allied Wallet, we protect customers from fraud and our eWallet solution keeps their sensitive information private,” he continued.

Allied Wallet’s merchants hope that customers will enjoy the products and services they ordered this holiday season. With Allied Wallet’s eWallet, these customers will find it simpler and faster to make purchases in the future as their payment methods of choice are stored safely in their eWallet.

“We’re so proud to reach over 100 million eWallet members with our online payment solutions,” Khawaja said, “…and together we will work towards eliminating e-commerce fraud completely.”

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