ARBA Retail Systems Announces Partnership with Touch Dynamic, Inc.

ARBA Retail Systems announces certification of the Touch Dynamics Breeze All-In-One Touch Terminals for use with the ARBAPRO POS Software Suite after performing multiple usage tests to ensure compatibility and performance.

Touch Dynamic was selected as a hardware partner by ARBA Retails systems due to their commitment to providing the best quality products and customer service in the industry. “We’re especially pleased with the ability to slide out the mother board, because this translates into faster and more convenient service for our customers,” says Kathy de la Torre, Director of Sales at ARBA. “Instead of shipping the entire terminal out for service, our customers simply swap out the mother board. This also makes it easier, faster and less costly to provide our customers with hardware and software upgrades.”

Built on the Microsoft .NET SQL Solutions Framework, the ARBAPRO POS Suite is used by Cafés, cafeterias, coffee bars, gift shops and stores in corporate dining, healthcare, and retail environments across the United States. These retail environments experience high transaction volume, sometimes with terminals in constant use from opening to close of business, and demand only the most retail hardened POS software and hardware solutions available.

Integrated hardware options with the Breeze All-In-One touch terminal include MSR, upgraded encrypted MSR at credit card swipe, customer pole display, and an integrated read display. ARBA customers may select from three models of cash drawers, designed to fit with any Touch Dynamic system.

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