ATMIA Academy to Offer International ATM Operators’ Certificate

ATMIA has launched the first-ever industry-endorsed online training certification for ATM operators (Financial Institutions and IADs). The ATMIA Academy training program consists of over 100 sessions divided into 5 courses that members can access individually or in teams. The material was based on intensive global research into current ATM operational practices and procedures.

Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA, discusses the importance of this type of online education for businesses today in this video.

“The ATMIA Academy eTraining program will take ATM operators to a whole new level of professionalism, benchmarked against current international practice,” he said. “It will enable ATM businesses to ensure their operational team has the right level of skills and knowledge for providing 24 x 7 professional service to customers.”

The courses, which reflect today’s industry best practice, include:

  • ATM Balancing Clerk
  • ATM Custodian
  • ATM Field Controller
  • ATM Operations Manager
  • Customer Service Representative

ATMIA will offer a certificate of completion for each course but in order to earn the International ATM Operators Certification, all courses must be completed. To learn more or sign up for a course go to

“Launching the ATMIA Academy is a great way to commemorate our 15-year anniversary US conference,” Lee added. “We have worked hand-in-hand with our members to create a robust body of knowledge that we now can share with members who are new to the industry and want to learn or who want to enhance their knowledge. This type of certification will increase the credibility, visibility and professionalism of our industry.”

To find out more about ATMIA and the member benefits focused on furthering your education, networking and industry advocacy, please contact Sharon Lane ( or go to

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