Automatia and NCR Upgrade ATM Network to Withstand Bone-Chilling Cold

NCR Corporation announced that it is extending its relationship with leading Finnish ATM network operator, Automatia. The engagement includes an innovative ATM solution to withstand the extreme low-temperatures in Finland, as part of a deal to replace 400 older, non-NCR ATMs and 200 NCR Personas series ATMs with 600 NCR SelfServ 25 and 26 ATMs.

With temperatures as low as -30 degrees Centigrade in Finland, extreme cold can be problematic to the electronic and electro-mechanical components of any complex device, including ATMs. As part of the ATM network deployment, the NCR professional services team for Automatia developed an innovative custom pressurization kit. The kit combats the effects on the ATM of extreme cold, as well as dust, and so increases reliability and up-time. The result is greater availability of ATMs for consumers, making their lives easier and allowing Automatia and retail banks to grow their businesses more effectively.

“Finnish retail banks rely on Automatia to provide an up-to-date network of ATMs across the country. Fundamental to this service is a high degree of up-time for ATMs, providing a convenient service to consumers and improving profitability for the banks,” said Esa Makkonen, CIO at Automatia. “Our partnership with NCR and Fujitsu, and the combined hardware and services approach they offer, has provided the ATM innovation we require to deliver this level of service for consumers and help grow the Automatia business.”

The aim of the Automatia ATM upgrade strategy, of which NCR and partner Fujitsu are integral, was to provide a more engaging, valuable consumer experience. This will help retail banks using the Automatia ATM network to transform their branch infrastructure into an environment that suits the demands of technology literate consumers when they bank.

“Branch network transformation and innovation is key for retail banks as they seek to engage with consumers more effectively and increase the profitability of their real-estate,” said Maarten Bais, Director Northern Europe for financial services at NCR. “Automatia is enabling this transformation by providing the latest ATM solutions from NCR to their network across Finland. Of particular note, is the innovative technology developed with the Automatia team to combat down-time issues associated with extremely low temperatures that arise in Finland.”

Key to the deployment has been the relationship with long-time partner in Finland, Fujitsu Finland Oy. As part of its country wide service Fujitsu maintains almost all ATMs in Finland, as well as developing applications for self service customers. This is an extension of an Automatia upgrade that started in 2010 when 300 lobby ATMs in Automatia’s network were replaced with NCR SelfServ 22 units.

“As business strategies and consumer trends change so quickly, retail banks need to be more agile. Software is key to making this possible,” said Hannu Mantymaki, Software Services Manager at Fujitsu. “Fujitsu has been working closely with Automatia, NCR and retail banks to ensure that flexible, innovative software solutions are integrated into the latest hardware being deployed throughout Automatia’s ATM network.”

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