Which Way to Pay South Africa Launches Online Comparison Site for Money Transfers

Traveling abroad and sending money home by foreigners are just a few of the reasons people check currency exchange rates and money transfer services, only partially accounting for the rise in numbers of transactions in the last ten years. With an increasing number of companies offering these services, consumers are often at a loss as to which one to use. Money transfer services are ideal for dealing with smaller amounts or one-off transfers to almost anywhere in the world safely, says Mark Maffia, spokesperson for Which Way to Pay South Africa. Additionally, he adds, they’ve increased the number of companies on their comparison online site for customers to use as research.

Says Maffia, “Which Way To Pay South Africa offers an easy-to-use comparison and review system so that South African consumers can compare products and services offered within the country. In addition to the main comparisons the site also provides live currency and rate charts, an Info Library, daily news and advice articles, reports direct from the world’s top FX brokers and many other value added services.”

A much needed service, says Maffia, this site also provides un-biased information from a variety of companies and services, giving consumers the information they need to make informed decisions about their finances, but without a hidden agenda. Maffia confirms, saying, “There is no obligation to purchase any product or service listed on this website, even after an application is made. Use of this website is entirely free of charge and Which Way To Pay does not take a fee for listing products, merchants and services on this website.”

Referring to the company’s money transfer services, Maffia says, “The right service will be the one that best suits you and your recipient’s needs and you can easily browse and compare companies to find one that most appeals. Make sure you look at all the features of each service before making your decision. There are a range of transfer methods but the exact option you can use will depend on the service provider you choose. It is worth remembering that different transfer methods will cost different rates. Generally online money transfer is the cheapest. Whatever your transfer needs, the services offered by these companies are easy to use and can be completely free.”

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