CBK Governor Dr. Patrick Njoroge Named Central Bank Governor of the Year, Sub Saharan Africa

The Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya, Dr. Patrick Njoroge, has been named the Central Bank Governor of the Year for Sub-Saharan Africa by GlobalMarkets magazine, a world-leading financial journal. The Governor received this award for the second time in four years, having first received it in 2016, reinforcing his high acclaim amongst central bank governors in Africa and globally.

In its citation of the award to Dr. Njoroge, GlobalMarkets wrote: “[Dr.] Njoroge has presided over a period of consolidation within the Kenyan banking sector that has helped clean up the country’sbanks and vastly improve oversight over the sector. Banks have tightened their lending standardsin response, thanks to the central bank’s oversight.” The citation also noted that under the Governor’s tenure, the improvements in the banking sector are “helping the expansion of Kenya’s domestic capital markets.”

While accepting the award, the Governor recognised the work done by CBK staff, and pointed to the ongoing work in support of innovation and green finance. Dr. Njoroge dedicated his award to the youth of Africa.

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