CR2 Continues to Transform Digital Banking in Africa

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Africa has a diverse population of more than 1.2 billion spread across 54 countries, each with their own cultural, societal and economic nuances. It is also home to the largest percentage of the world’s unbanked population. A key understanding of Africa’s unique environment is essential to drive change, and with more than two decades’ experience, CR2 has been at the forefront of transforming digital banking in Africa.

CR2’s knowledge of the continent’s individual markets enables it to tailor banking solutions and payments technologies that meet their financial partners’ needs and those of the local population, SMEs and entrepreneurs. Working with over 60 banks in 35 countries –that serve a customer base of over 100 million – CR2 empowers financial institutions to connect Africans in both urban and remote areas with innovative digital banking solutions that expand opportunity and improve everyday life, generating significant positive societal impact and unlocking economic potential.

This latest report outlines various examples of CR2’s partnerships and innovations and how these are transforming digital banking in Africa. It spotlights CR2’s digital banking platform, which underpins the successful Amole digital wallet for Ethiopia’s Dashen Bank, and how this is bringing convenience and making life easier for millions of Ethiopians, including the unbanked.

The report also showcases CR2’s money transfer solutions that support Africa’s robust remittance market, and self-service banking strategies to facilitate branch transformation to address customers’ needs during the COVID-19 pandemic through advanced-capability ATMs. Fostering financial inclusion is at the heart of CR2’s engagement with banks in emerging and developing countries, and the report highlights various examples of this, including the creation of female-centric financial products and solutions to empower women entrepreneurs, and CR2’s products that enable greater digital access to banking services for Africa’s ever-expanding SMEs.

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