Datacard Group Announces Second-Generation Vision Verification Module for Central Card Issuance Programs

Datacard Group has announced a second-generation Datacard MX Series Vision Verification Module that is designed to automatically ensure proper card stock is loaded prior to card issuance as well as verify printed elements after personalization is complete. This technology complements the numerous checks and balances already in place as the card passes through the personalization process.

Designed to work inline with the Datacard MX Series card issuance systems, the enhanced Vision Verification Module utilizes a high-resolution camera installed in the module to capture an image of the card stock in order to locate and verify unique identifiers. Streamlined software increases image processing speed and gives operators the ability to set granular threshold limits to drive accurate downstream personalization activities.

“In a typical production environment, the number of card types can measure in the thousands; and with such a complex environment, it is not uncommon for the wrong card stock to be loaded into the system,” said Dino Balafas, vice president central issuance product management for Datacard Group. “The second-generation Vision Verification Module recognizes such mismatches and will alert the system operator so it can be rectified before the production ever occurs. This greatly reduces costs by minimizing wasted product and card stock.”

Datacard Group invented secure, high-volume card personalization more than 40 years ago and helped make secure, high-volume issuance of credit and debit cards, health care IDs and government credentials possible. More than 4,000 Datacard central issuance systems are deployed globally producing financial cards and secure IDs.

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