DataMesh Teams up With Visa to Advance Card Acceptance

DataMesh Group, an Australian innovator in payment technology, has announced a new initiative with Visa, the world leader in digital payments, to enhance card-acceptance payment processing experiences for merchants, acquirers, and consumers.

The cooperation will leverage DataMesh’s Unify™ platform, which offers customisable payment solutions significantly beyond the traditional “one-size-fits-all” approach that exists in the market today. Unify™ enables businesses across various industries, such as retail, convenience, fuel, hospitality, transportation and more, to tailor the payment process and experience to their unique needs, thus enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Unify’s™ cutting-edge, cloud-native infrastructure allows for rapid integration to existing platforms, reducing operational costs, thereby facilitating a smoother transition for businesses moving from legacy systems. Additionally, Unify’s™ robust data analytics capabilities give merchants valuable insights into consumer behaviour, enabling more effective personalised interactions and improved customer experiences.

Benefits Highlighted by the Relationship:

● Market-Ready Payment Solutions: Unify™ brings a modernised, secure, and highly efficient payment operations to the forefront of business.

● Fully Customisable Platform: Businesses can adapt Unify™ to meet their specific requirements, ensuring flexibility as market demands evolve.

● Insightful Analytics: Data-driven decision-making is enhanced through Unify’s comprehensive analytics, optimising business strategies and customer engagement.

Mark Nagy, Founder and CEO of Data Mesh, said: “Teaming up with Visa is a milestone that propels card acceptance solutions forward. We’re excited to address the changing needs of both merchants and acquirers around the globe with innovative solutions.”

“Visa is committed to fostering innovative relationships that drive the future of digital payments. Working with DataMesh, we aim to enhance the card acceptance payment experience, making transactions more seamless for merchants and consumers alike. This collaboration underscores our dedication to expanding the reach and efficiency of payments acceptance globally,” said Matt Williamson, Vice President, and Head of Acceptance Technology Partnerships at Visa.

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