PayU GPO Lauded as Best Payment Solution at Absa Awards, Broadening Financial Inclusion and Innovation

PayU GPO, a leading South African financial services and payment service provider, is proud to announce its Absa Award win in the category: Best Payment Solution.

The prestigious award showcases PayU GPO’s market leading and comprehensive suite of payment solutions tailored for the South African market and beyond. The category celebrates the Fintech company that has pushed the boundaries of possibility with a game-changing payment innovation, redefining the way people and businesses conduct financial transactions.

In an era where payment versatility is as critical as the service or product offered, the award affirms that PayU GPO stands distinguished.

Its suite of over 25 local payment methods – including card payments, instant EFT, loyalty programmes, wallets and credit – firmly lodge the company as the vanguard of payment solutions and the architects of consumer trust and transactional ease in South Africa.

“We are immensely proud to be recognised for our steadfast dedication to empowering our clients and consumers with seamless financial access and promoting financial inclusion,” Karen Nadasen, PayU GPO Africa CEO said.

“Our innovative solutions have truly broken new ground in payment technology, transcending not only what was available, but what now has become possible in the African market,” Nadasen added.

PayU GPO credits its partnerships and ability to leverage global trends and learnings from PayU in other market providers, as a testament to its commitment to providing highly sought-after payment capabilities. PayU GPO has shown its capability to satisfy the complex financial arrangements of global e-commerce giants.

PayU’s patented Tokenization service launched almost a decade ago; and remains the only genuine ‘1 Click Payment Option’, revolutionizing the checkout experience with unmatched efficiency and safety. Its failover services and AI routing capabilities are second to none, and guarantee uninterrupted payment processing—ensuring reliability, convenience, and security.

Andre Viljoen, Senior Manager at Absa said, “PayU GPO has shown an unwavering dedication to empowering merchants with tools for success in a dynamic marketplace. They have demonstrated a depth of local knowledge in the e-commerce market and have simplified the complex regulatory environment for its industry partners – enabling businesses to expand with confidence.”

PayU boasts the highest approval rates in the industry, with its Tokenization product achieving up to 98% approval rates. This striking figure underscores its relentless pursuit of payment excellence, emphasizing security, efficiency, and user satisfaction.

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