First Hawaiian and Planet Payment Launch Micro’s Payment Gateway and Pay in your Currency With The Westin Resort Guam

First Hawaiian Bank, Hawaii’s oldest and largest bank, has partnered with Planet Payment, Inc., a leading provider of international and multi-currency payment processing services, to launch the MICROS Payment Gateway and Pay in Your Currency with The Westin Resort Guam. Planet Payment’s MICROS Payment Gateway solution facilitates integrated payment support for the MICROS suite of enterprise hospitality and dining systems, as well as Planet Payment’s Pay in Your Currency service.

The launch of the MICROS Payment Gateway in Guam is another example of Planet Payment’s commitment to delivering innovative hospitality payment solutions that help to streamline business operations, improve profitability and deliver a superior guest experience. Built by MICROS, Planet Payment’s MICROS Payment Gateway delivers a single, secure managed payment solution for hotels and restaurants using MICROS property management and MICROS point-of-sale systems. The MICROS Payment Gateway also provides the latest in security and fraud features including encryption and transaction tokenization to help ease the PCI burden on hotels.

Planet Payment’s Pay in Your Currency service, integrated into the MICROS Payment Gateway, enables hotels to provide their international guests with a superior, more personalized guest experience. With Pay in Your Currency, international guests are offered the choice to pay for their stay in the currency they know best – their own. According to the Guam Visitors Bureau, 2013 was Guam’s fourth best year for tourism in its history, with over 70% of all visitors originating from outside of the United States.1 Pay in Your Currency provides the hospitality industry in Guam with a new tool to cater to this important customer segment.
“Situated in the beautiful South Pacific, Guam has long been known as an incredible tourist destination, attracting visitors from across the globe,” said Toshi Doi, General Manager at The Westin Resort Guam. “We are committed to providing our international guests with the highest level of customer service and doing everything that we can to help them feel at home during their stay. Providing our guests with the choice to pay in their own currency is a perfect complement to our customer-centric philosophy.”

“The launch of the MICROS Payment Gateway and Pay in Your Currency with The Westin Resort Guam is a significant milestone in our long standing partnership with Planet Payment,” said Laura Dacanay, First Hawaiian Bank Senior Vice President and Guam and CMNI Region Manager. “We are excited about the opportunity to deliver superior payment solutions that help improve profitability and attract more international guests to our valued hotel and restaurant clients in Guam as well as Hawaii.”

“Planet Payment is proud to partner with First Hawaiian Bank to launch MICROS Payment Gateway with Pay in Your Currency in Guam,” said Drew Soinski, Managing Director of the Americas at Planet Payment. “Planet Payment understands the needs of the global hospitality merchant and we remain committed to delivering solutions that meet technical and business requirements of hoteliers in booming and growing tourist destinations across the globe. We’re excited to add Guam to the list of wonderful locales where hotel visitors can pay in the currency they know best – their own.”

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