Fundtech Named Best SWIFT Utility Access in Global Finance’s World’s Best Treasury & Cash Management Awards

Fundtech, a market leader in global transaction banking solutions and the largest SWIFT service bureau operator in the world, has been named “Best SWIFT Utility Access” by Global Finance as part of the publication’s 2014 World’s Best Treasury & Cash Management Awards.

The Global Finance award winners were selected by the editors with input from industry analysts, corporate executives and technology experts, in addition to reader input. Selection criteria included market share and reach, customer service, product innovation and differentiation. The recognition of Fundtech as “Best SWIFT Utility Access” can be attributable to the expansive global reach and comprehensive technology of Fundtech’s SWIFT service bureaus.

Global Finance publisher Joseph D. Giarraputo says, “Much attention continues to focus around connectivity. Banks and corporations continue to grapple with the best way to achieve interbank connections and apply the transaction-related applications they need to increase operational efficiency and reduce the risk related to sending and receiving financial messages. A solution that provides them with all of the connectors, integration and plug-ins required for conversion, as well as compliance and reconciliation, will help firms to increase operational efficiency, save cost and reduce project risk.”

Fundtech is the world’s largest SWIFT service bureau operator. Operating out of three centers located in the United States, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, Fundtech’s service bureaus provide financial institutions and corporations with a series of interbank connections and transaction-related applications designed to reduce the risk and increase the efficiency related to sending and receiving financial messages.

All three of Fundtech’s service bureaus have been certified by SWIFT for compliance with its operational practice standards. Fundtech’s Switzerland-based bureau has received SWIFT’s highest certification level—the Premier Operational Practice certification. It was the first service bureau to receive the certification for compliance with the rigorous terms and conditions of the best-in-class certification under SWIFT’s new Shared Infrastructure Program.

Per Trifunovic, CEO of Fundtech’s BBP business unit, comments, “We’re thankful to be recognized by the industry for our commitment to providing world class SWIFT service bureau delivery. We are proud to offer financial institutions and corporations the opportunity to reduce project and operational risk, lower cost, and facilitate business growth through a secure and reliable service bureau model.”

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