Global Powers of Retailing – Top e-Retailers of 2014

Deloitte recently published their 2014 Global Powers of Retailing report in which they highlight the 250 biggest retailers around the world and analyse their performance based on geographic region, product sector, e-commerce activity and other factors.

In this report Deloitte list the 50 top global e-retailers of 2014. They define e-retailers as B2C e-commerce only, where the company owns the inventory, excluding online marketplaces where revenues are derived from fees and commissions.

The top 10 global e-retailers are as follows:

E – Retailers Rank Top 250 retailers rank  Name FY 2012 e-commerce sales  Country
1 16 Amazon $51.7B USA
2 50 Apple $8.6B USA
3 1 Wal-Mart $7.5B USA
4 75 Otto $7.4B Germany
5 142 Beijing Jindong $6.6B China
6 2 Tesco $4.76B UK
7 99 Liberty Interactive $4.4B USA
8 207 Dell $4.37B USA
9 20 Casino Guichard-Perrachon $3.4B France
10 n/a $3.2B China

Download the report for the full list.

Some insights from the report include:

  • Amazon dominates the world of e-retailing, far outstripping the next closest competitor.
  • Large retailers are also likely to be successful e-retailers with more than three quarters of the top e-retailers making the Top 250 Retailers list.
  • The majority of e-retailers are multi-channel with only 8 being web-only retailers.

Looking at the e-commerce activity for all Top 250 companies Deloitte found:

  • More than one quarter did not have a transactional e-commerce website; most of these were food retailers and hard discount retailers.
  • Online sales grew 25% on average for the Top 250 companies with e-commerce operations.
  • Top 250 companies generated an average of 7.7% of their sales from e-commerce in 2012.

While no African retailers appeared on the e-retailers list, five South African stores featured on the Top 250 list.

  • Shoprite Holdings came in at 94, dropping one position from the 2013 edition.
  • Steinhoff International Holdings which encompasses several retail brands, including Joshua Doore and Hi-Fi Corp among others, received 125th position.
  • Pick and Pay came in at 137th.
  • Spar Group ranked at 172nd.
  • Woolworths made the list for the first time at 234th.

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