Infinite Peripherals Equips JetBlue Airways to Become the First Airline To Accept Apple Pay Onboard

Infinite Peripherals, Inc. (IPC) works with JetBlue to equip its crewmembers with the Infinea Tab M, a leading mobile POS (mPOS) device compatible with the iPad mini, helping JetBlue Airways become the first major domestic carrier in the U.S. to accept Apple Pay on flights. Travelers with an iPhone6, iPhone 6 Plus and soon Apple Watch will be able use Apple Pay to purchase snack boxes and other food options, beverages, amenities and Even More Space seating.

“By placing thoughtful new technology into the hands of our crewmembers, we can free them up to offer a more personalized experience to our customers,” said Christopher McCloskey, director of customer experience delivery at JetBlue. “Our very successful partnership with Infinite Peripherals has helped us deliver this implementation very quickly, making JetBlue the first to accept Apple Pay in the air.”

JetBlue is providing iPad minis with the NFC-enabled Infinea Tab M mobile POS device to its 3,500 in-flight crewmembers, who facilitate quick, contactless, secure payments using customized POS software. Purchase receipts are instantly emailed to customers.

The MFi-certified Infinea Tab M brings added POS functions to the iPad mini with a 2D high speed imager, capable of reading 1D or 2D barcodes, a magnetic stripe reader, as well as NFC capabilities.

“We are proud to help bring the unique capabilities of Apple Pay to 35,000 feet by partnering with JetBlue,” said Andrew Graham, president and co-founder of IPC. “By empowering crewmembers with the Infinea Tab M and iPad minis, JetBlue will enhance convenience and efficiency throughout its entire organization.”

To facilitate greater branding, IPC is providing JetBlue with customized protective cases as well. Optional Bluetooth® and RFID readers offer greater ease of use on the Infinea Tab M, which is compatible with iPad Air 2, iPad Air, as well as the iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini.

In addition to POS, the Infinea Tab M can be used in a variety of enterprises for expediting inventory management, asset tracking, ID verification, lead tracking, inspection/work flow, dispatch, time/labor and lab and healthcare. Software development res

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