LINE Thailand Boosts Mobile Payment Adoption in Southeast Asia Expansion with CyberSource’s Solutions

CyberSource, a Visa Inc. company, and one of the world’s largest providers of eCommerce payment management services, announced a partnership with LINE Thailand, a mobile messenger service application (app). This agreement will allow LINE Thailand to enable mobile payments for its users on LINE Pay, the app’s mobile payment service.

Through this partnership, CyberSource will offer its full suite of payment, fraud management and tokenization services for LINE Thailand. Via CyberSource’s global payment gateway, LINE Thailand’s acquirer, Krungsri (Bank of Ayudhya) , Thailand’s fifth largest bank, will be able to process a wider spectrum of mobile payments from multiple card brands and issuers, as well as certain alternative payment methods. The solution is designed to provide their customers with secure mobile payment options at affiliated online and brick-and-mortar stores without requiring an additional app.

LINE has grown globally across 230 countries and regions since 2011, with its mobile messaging service app registering 205 million monthly active users as of April 20151. Thailand has its second largest user base in Asia with 33 million users2. As part of the company’s mission to become a platform that encompasses almost every aspect of its users’ digital lives, LINE Pay is one of the latest key features to expand beyond its core revenue streams.

“By integrating CyberSource’s global payment gateway, fraud management and tokenization solutions into our mobile payment service, our affiliated merchants will be able to simplify and secure their checkout process without the inconvenience of loading a new app,” said Mr. Prapakorn Lipikorn, Head of LINE Pay Business Development, LINE Thailand. “This partnership is a key component in our strategy to cater to an ever-growing user base in Southeast Asia. We are able to streamline payment acceptance and create new growth opportunities for our merchants, while providing our users with a fuss-free mobile payment option.”

LINE Pay will utilize CyberSource’s fraud management and payment tokenization solutions to enable LINE Thailand users to make mobile payments securely and efficiently. CyberSource’s fraud management tool, Decision Manager, features the World’s Largest Fraud Detection Radar. Coupled with mobile risk models and support from CyberSource experts to tune fraud rules, LINE Pay will be able to pinpoint fraud faster, more accurately and with less manual intervention. Additionally, CyberSource Merchant Payment Tokenization will be used to protect customer payment data. This service replaces sensitive account data with a unique identifier token and stores the data on CyberSource’s secure servers, away from the merchant environment. In turn, LINE Pay will be able to facilitate seamless payments without the risk of storing sensitive customer information as well as instill consumer confidence.

“The partnership with LINE Thailand offers a compelling solution to merchants looking to grow and expand in Southeast Asia’s thriving mobile commerce arena. The consolidated single platform will help improve a customer’s experience with the merchant as well as with LINE Thailand, as they will be able to pay using their preferred payment methods on their mobile devices. We are pleased to work with LINE Thailand to optimize their fraud management and payment security services, allowing them to safeguard merchants’ and customers’ interests, and focus on strategically growing its user base in the region,” said Chew Ann Wee, Senior Regional Director, Southeast Asia, CyberSource.

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