MasterCard Inaugurates Advanced Analytics Center of Excellence in India

MasterCard has announced the launch of an Advanced Analytics Center of Excellence in India. This new Centre of Excellence will provide world-class data insights to global customers by identifying spending trends derived from the billions of anonymous transactions processed by MasterCard every year, thereby providing a solution for the rapidly growing need of businesses to more effectively leverage big data and analytics.

The Advanced Analytics Centre of Excellence has recruited highly qualified analytics talent with payments industry, retail and media experience to provide hands-on support on product development and custom analytics to clients across the world. It is an extension of the MasterCard Advisors’ Advanced Analytics group headquartered in New York that works with financial institutions, merchants, governments and other companies around the world, to more effectively leverage big data and analytics to solve their most pressing business challenges, such as enhancing customer acquisition and loyalty.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Kevin Stanton, President, MasterCard Advisors said: “We are delighted to launch the Advanced Analytics Center of Excellence in India. MasterCard Advisors has been a global leader in big data technology, analytics and expertise for over 10 years. We feel India is a very important market for MasterCard, rich in analytics talent and expertise that will assist us in delivering big data solutions on broader scale, globally. This new Center of Excellence in India will build on the success we have established around our proprietary processes and expert analysis of global spending trends, which is a key differentiator for MasterCard.”

MasterCard Advisors, the professional services arm of MasterCard Worldwide, provides payment-focused consulting, information and outsourcing services to financial institutions and merchants worldwide. With its unparalleled category expertise, deep understanding of customer needs and successful track record in addressing complex challenges throughout the payments lifecycle, MasterCard Advisors delivers customized end-to-end solutions that maximize the value of clients’ cards and payments business. MasterCard Advisors shares the goals and vision of its clients, and works in partnership with them to deliver actionable insights that drive tangible impact and financial gain.

MasterCard Advisors is helping to shape the future of data insights by leveraging billions of anonymised, aggregated transactions in a 10 petabyte data warehouse to help financial institutions, merchants, media and government manage their businesses more effectively. Powered by innovation and scale, the Analytics CoE is poised to drive growth in Advisors global businesses that differentiates MasterCard from its competition.

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