NCR Signs Five-Year Services Agreement with China Resources Bank

NCR Corporation the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, today announced it has signed a five-year technology services agreement with China Resources Bank of Zhuhai. NCR will provide hardware maintenance services for more than 200 units of NCR-branded automated teller machines (ATMs) installed at the bank to help drive higher availability and improve the bank’s customer satisfaction.

A predominant fast-growing city-commercial bank, China Resources Bank of Zhuhai always puts its priority on customer needs. The bank has strived to provide customers with a convenient and efficient banking service through expanding its self-service banking network. Today the bank has four branches located in Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Zhongshan and Foshan, under which there are 50 sub-branches.

With the continuous growth of the bank’s branches, self-service banking network and customer base, China Resources Bank of Zhuhai aims to increase its ATM availability to enhance its customer experiences with better support services. Hence, the bank decides to shift to original ATM hardware vendors for service maintenance to drive higher availability. As the primary ATM vendor of China Resources Bank of Zhuhai, NCR has won the bank’s trust because of its proven service capabilities and extensive ATM service network in China.

China Resources Bank of Zhuhai currently owns more than 200 units of NCR-branded ATMs and plans to add to more than 500 units within the year. Upon the signing of the five-year agreement, the NCR Services team has tailored a detailed maintenance service plan for every branch of the bank according to their specific requirements for their ATM networks. The ultimate goal is to improve ATM availability and reduced downtime response, in making the customers’ lives easier.

“We are honored to secure this significant contract, which has demonstrated China Resources Bank of Zhuhai’s trust and recognition to our service standards. With the continuous addition of the bank’s ATM units, we will keep supporting the bank with our leading service offerings to make their customers’ everyday lives easier,” said Jimmy Zheng, general manager for NCR Services in Greater China. “We are also delighted to see that higher ATM availability is becoming more important for local Chinese banks, as they improve their customer experiences and gain competitive advantages. We expect more banks will shift to original ATM hardware vendors for service maintenance and NCR is well positioned to help banks driving higher ATM availability.”

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