NCR Silver Cloud-based Point-of-Sale System Expands into Franchise Market

The NCR Silver cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system continues expansion into the franchise space. NCR Silver is now in 23 well-known franchise brands across the United States, including Great American Cookies and Waffle House.

Great American Cookies already has deployed NCR Silver in more than 140 stores with the expectation of adding more sites. Waffle House is using NCR Silver at 1,400 of its corporate locations nationwide and plans more franchise locations by year’s end.

The International Franchise Association (IFA) anticipates that franchise businesses will generate $889 billion in revenue in 2015. Of that, 26 percent is expected to stem from snack Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) and fast casual restaurants, a higher percentage than any other sector. Additionally, the QSR segment is expected to generate the most job growth in 2015, adding more than 93,000 jobs.

“NCR has a long history of serving the retail and restaurant industry, and NCR Silver is positioned to serve the franchise industry well,” said Theresa Jameson, senior analyst from Datamonitor Financial. “Over the next few months, we’ll likely see enterprise-ready mPOS systems, including NCR Silver, making more inroads into the franchise space because of their shorter registration process, merchant onboarding times and plug-and-play set-up.”

While an ideal choice for small businesses such as retail shops, cafes, service providers and food trucks, NCR Silver’s scalability works well for franchises equally well. Brands have seen an instant – and often measurable – improvement when switching from traditional cash registers and even other cloud solutions. Waffle House, for instance, has seen a 79 percent reduction in customer checkout times. Great American Cookies has benefited from advanced reporting and quicker employee training due to NCR Silver’s ease of use.

“Franchise customers appreciate the flexibility and low cost of a cloud-based POS platform and the power of the NCR brand,” said Reggie Kimble, NCR Small Business director of business development. “By offering a more intuitive interface and an enhanced level of customer service, NCR Silver is a solid choice for a franchisee looking to modernize operations.”

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